KODAInnovation - Innovation proposed by KODAIKODAInnovation - Innovation proposed by KODAI

About Us

We continuously support and supply

We manufactures parts of "Construction Machinery" that is essential for enriching our life such as building cities etc,
"Automated Robots "and "Precision Machineries" that are essential for producing sophisticated products.

There are the head plant located in Miki, Hyogo prefecture and 2 other plants. One is in Kakogawa, Hyogo prefecure and the other is in Changzhou, China.
By utilizing well-equipped facilities and our know-how passeed down for many years, we handle process, starting from machining, sheet metal processing, assembling to painting.
We, KODAI Co.,LTD, continuously support and supply "ESSENTIALS" as a development and proposal oriented supplier with creative spirits and technical skills.


The high quality supply
by automation

The sensors installed inside equipment automatically measure the product dimentions at each process and keep on producing according to the measurement results.
That eliminates human errors and improve operational accuracy and efficiency.
Also, we can stably supply high quality products due to unmaned operation by handling robots automatically move workpieces into machines/facilities
Our strengths is to have production engineering capability. We can efficiently operate by taking advantage of fully automated and advanced facilities ahead of competitors.


Improvement of productivity and on-time delivery thanks
to our own production facilities

We bring about streamlined production process and excellent production environment
With emphasis on environmental preservation at facilities, 2 units production system is well established in order to deal with unexpected breakdown by combining and moduling each process: welding, turning, transporting etc , making full use of high-tech engineering and machinery.
With emphasis on environmental preservation at facilities as well, 2 units' production system is well established in order to deal with unexpected breakdown.
We ensure to control production interruption at minimum and achieve on-time delivery.




Company Profile

  • Company Name
    KODAI Co.,LTD.
  • Location

    The Head Office/Plant
    1838-268, Toda, Shijimi-cho, Miki- city, Hyogo-pref., 673-0514, Japan
    Site area:17,000㎡|Plant area:7,300㎡

    Kakogawa Plant
    288-1, Nakano, Hiraoka-cho, Kakogawa city, Hyogo-pref., 675-0113, Japan
    Site area:15,703㎡|Plant area:6,674㎡ (including 700㎡ warehouse)

    Changzhou Machinery Co., Ltd.
    NO.5, Fengming Road, New District Wujin, Changzhou city, Jiangsu Province, 213164, China
    Site area:19,378㎡|Plant area:9,260㎡

  • Capital Stock
    15 million yen
  • Establishment
  • Board Member
    Executive Chairman Masahiko Kodai
    President & CEO Nobuyuki Kodai
    Senior Managing Executive Officer Hitoshi Nagamatsu
    Managing Executive Officer Yoshiyuki Tanaka
    Executive Officer Hiroshi Hattori
    Executive Officer Yoshiyuki Tanoue
    Executive Officer Takahiro Tanaka
    Executive Officer Tomonori Yamada
    Executive Officer Hideyuki Honda
  • Employee
    176(The entire group as of April, 2023)
  • Sales
    11.5 billion(The entire group as of 2022)
  • Qualification
    Eco Action 21
  • Major Customer
    Caterpillar Japan LLC
    Caterpillar Xuzhou Ltd
    Caterpillar Inc.
    Caterpillar Brasil Ltda.
    Caterpillar India Private Ltd.
    Komatsu Ltd.
    Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
    Kato (China) Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd.

Our History

January 1962

Established in Nagata ward, Kobe city

April 1967

Started business with Akashi Seisakujo owned by Mitsubishi heavy industries

June 1980

Started to manufacture excavators' parts

December 1993

Started business with Sagami plant owned by New Caterpiller Mitsubishi

December 1993

Started Idler Wheel assembled parts
※Integration of NC and Idler Wheel assembly line

December 1995

Installed automated FMS system and started full-scale automated production line

June 2002

Started Idler Wheel supply for Caterpillar Xuzhou Ltd

July 2003

Completed automated and integrated Idler Wheel production line

March 2004

Installed travel housing FMS

April 2004

Obtained ISO9001

August 2005

Established “KODAI Changzhou Machinery Co., Ltd “ in Changzhou, China

February 2008

Obtained SQEP

May 2011

Started operation at new plant located in Miki, Hyogo

November 2019

Completed a second factory in Miki

May 2021

Changed a compnay name from "コダイCo.,LTD" to "KODAI Co.,LTD."
The head office transferred to the Miki plant